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Specialist in Physics
& Maths Education

Clear, precise and concise lecture notes are prepared. Coupled with lively presentations, allow the students to have a good grounding on the concepts presented. Students then apply what they learn to solve problems using a well-tested “ISEE” methodology which has been practised in most leading universities in the USA.

The “ISEE” approach first “I”dentify relevant physical concepts in seemingly complex situation. “S”et up the equations or tools or models to solve the problem. “E”xecute by carrying out the solutions and finally “E”valuate whether the result makes sense.

Teaching Approach


Identify relevant concepts in complex situation

Teaching Approach


Setup equations/tools to solve the problem

Teaching Approach


Carrying out

Teaching Approach


Evaluate whether
the results make sense

Teaching Approach

Problem Solving

In a private tuition setting, perhaps the most important and most valuable component is the fact that Dr Chang can observe first-hand the problems and difficulties a student faces when solving problems. Sometimes, students didn’t fully understand, sometimes misunderstood, sometimes didn’t realize there may be some restrictions, sometimes use the wrong equation, sometimes careless. Whatever it is, Dr Chang will be able to provide the appropriate advice immediately to help overcome their weakness.




Another important element in effective learning is motivation. Dr Chang will share with his students how he himself transformed from a lousy hopeless student to the top of the cohort! His life-inspiring experience has motivated many students who initially dragged their feet to join his tuition classes!

Teaching Approach


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